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The majority of air purifying systems available filter a certain particular irritant, so it is imperative to match that filter with your actual problem. A system that is utilizing a medical-grade HEPA filter, for instance, will filter pet dander, pollen, and allergens. However, if your concern is harmful chemical gases or even road pollution, you will want a high-capacity activated-carbon filter.

Keep in mind that a purifier with only a small token amount of activated carbon will not be effective, you will need a system featuring a high capacity carbon filter. NOTE: HEPA filters do NOT remove chemicals, so if your concern is as such, you may just want the carbon filter. Our tailored solutions ensure you will not end up with a filter type that you do not need.

In this age of environmental responsibility, the energy efficiency of any appliance purchase must be considered. How much energy will your new air purification system require? Considering that the unit will most likely be plugged in and turned on 24/7, this is a critical detail one should not overlook. Power handling, the type of internal motor and the way the filter itself is constructed all have an impact on the way air is filtered and how much energy the system requires for optimal output. Subpar construction and components in any of these areas mean the system could have difficulty in pulling air in and then pushing it out after particle extraction, which can result in lower efficiency yet higher operating cost.

AussieAir systems use German-engineered EC fan technology, which is highly efficient and favored over the standard AC fans utilized by most manufacturers. These superior fans boast a decrease in energy use of up to 70%. Also, our filters are designed so that there is no strain on the fan's capability of pushing the air through, which further increases the overall efficiency of our products.
To buy an air purifier is to make an active decision to breathe clean air. Were you aware that most purifiers on the market today emit chemicals from the materials they are built with, such as filter material additives, glue, polystyrene foam, cardboard and plastic? This poses a problem for people who are sensitive to air pollutants and thus should be avoided. AussieAir systems utilize only the very best in materials to ensure safety to the environment as well as our customers.

An air purification system is a long-term investment, and while the initial cost may be low for some models, the overall cost must be figured in when deciding the right one for your needs. Will the system need frequent replacement parts, cleaning or otherwise incur maintenance costs regularly? How much power will it require?

AussieAir systems aim to put your mind at ease when considering the long-term upkeep costs. We use only long-lasting, high-quality materials and above industry standard amounts of filter media. This allows our filters to have a longer life, which decreases the ongoing costs to our customers. High-quality metals replace sub-standard foams as well, which reduces the chance of unit damage over time.

For energy usage, AussieAir purifiers use EC fan technology over AC, which means our units offer up to a 70% reduction in energy costs over those of our competitors models. What does this mean to you? You will enjoy a high quality, long-lasting system with low operating costs for years to come.
In order to be fully effective, an air purification system must be able to filter all of the air around it. This requires airflow power strong enough to pull in all surrounding air in a room or area. Many units simply are not robust enough to stand up to the task of pulling all of this air, cycling it through filtration, and pushing it back out. Keeping this mind, you must consider the design of the system and how well it will stand up to the job. Is the airflow robust enough to move all of the air in the area you will be using it in? Does the exterior design of the unit allow for effective pulling and pushing?

Also, note that thicker filters will mean more fan pressure to accomplish airflow, which will equate to higher energy usage. We have designed AussieAir units to withstand the most demanding rooms, creating a strong circular flow of air through proper placement of intake receptacles and honeycombed outputs. Our filters are designed to work in tandem with our fans, not fight them, making them the most energy efficient you will find.
It is expected that any appliance that moves air around will have some level of noise. You will spend a significant amount of time in the same room where the unit operates, so it goes without saying you will want the quietest experience possible. After all, who would prefer a noisy motor hum as opposed to the sound of a gentle blowing breeze?

Motors and other inner systems of most air purification systems have audible running noises, which can be quite distracting in large rooms, much less small office or home areas. AussieAir takes pride in producing systems that you can live with, featuring a design that allows for near-silent operation. The gentle sound of clean air will be a refreshing accompaniment in any setting!
It is ironic that a system meant to clean the air may put byproducts back into it, but that is the unfortunate reality of some purification systems on the market today. Ozone levels have been shown to rise with the use of ionizing-based purification, which is particularly alarming for those who already have sensitive airways, allergies or asthma.

AussieAir's HEPA filter systems produce no harmful byproducts, so you can truly breathe easy with your choice.
Today's purification systems may offer only a few fan speed choices or even none at all. With an AussieAir system, customers enjoy a multitude of convenient options, ranging from fan speeds to filter checks and even automatic cleaning. This capability allows a truly personalized experience tailored to individual needs.