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Traditional Air Purifiers AussieAir Purifiers The Benefit
HEPA Filters which filter less than 99.97% efficiency. Advertised as HEPA filters but are not medical grade* Certified & guaranteed medical-grade efficiency 99.99% @ 0.3 Microns Cleaner Air. More dust and allergens removed from the air & better results for allergy and asthma sufferers
No seals on filters Sure Sealâ„¢ airtight seals on all filters Zero leakage, all air passes through the filters, not around, guaranteed HEPA efficiency
No pre-filters Large efficient pre-filters Extends life of HEPA & activated carbon filters resulting in lower operating costs
Plastic construction prone to noise and vibration Quiet all steel construction Designed for quiet operation while sleeping
Not suitable for 24 hour operation Quality German engineered motors designed for energy efficient 24 hour operation, without over heating Allows for the user to benefit from continuous clean air
High energy consumption and expensive running costs Lowest energy consumption relative to airflow and filtration efficiency Save on running costs and minimise environmental impact
Do not filter enough air to be effective High capacity fan filtering more air each hour Provides cleaner air in large and small areas
Filters cannot be customized (one size fits all approach) Range of interchangeable filters for high capacity dust, allergen & chemical removal. Suits the needs of the individual depending on environment and medical condition
Small activated carbon filters using only grams of carbon (inadequate chemical removal) Use of pounds of activated carbon. More than any other residential air purifier The highest removal of chemical pollutants and longer filter life
Costly frequent replacement of filters. Largest filters of any residential air purifier with a 5 Year lifespan on main filters Highest efficiency and long-term cost savings
No spare parts or filters available or stocked by importers in years to come Australian made. All filters & spare parts are stocked locally. Filters and support readily available
Forward curved or axial type fans Powerful centrifugal fans Higher airflow as filters become clogged, while other fan types struggle to move air
Small filters - frequent replacement Largest filters of any residential air purifier Highest efficiency and longer filter life, lower operating costs
Filters made from cardboard, plastic or polystyrene foam All steel filter casings No air leaks, chemical free material
Difficult to change filters Stainless steel latches for quick filter access Easy, hassle free filter changes
Plastic, throw-away air purifier design (not serviceable) Steel construction designed to last a life time (fully serviceable) A lasting investment, lower long-term cost, environmentally friendly
Short motor life DC Motors engineered for 50,000 plus hours of continual operation Highest level of quality and reliability
Most air purifiers contain only HEPA type filters not medical grade. Medical grade HEPA filters are built to a higher standard to actually provide air that is 99.97% @ 0.3 microns and must have 100% air tight seals to achieve this. HEPA type filters simply refer to the filter paper used inside the filter, it does not mean the air supplied is 99.97% clean. Filters used in all AussieAir purifiers are certified @ 99.97% @ 0.3microns.