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"The AussieAir PureTech A20 has met and exceeded our expectations"

We needed a high-capacity air purifier to remove dust and chemical pollutants in our home as we live near a busy road and one of our children suffers from asthma. After many hours of online research we decided the PureTech A20 air purifier was best suited to our needs. It was the only air purifier that provided medical-grade HEPA filtration and is approved by the National Asthma Council Australia's Sensitive Choice Program which made us more confident in our choice. It gave us peace of mind knowing the unit would be removing the highest amount of dust, allergens and chemicals from the air. The AussieAir PureTech A20 has met and exceeded our expectations and we run it 24 hours a day.

J.S. Tullamarine

"My only regret is that we didn't find out about this product sooner"

Having suffered from hay fever for many years I decided to invest in an air purifier in the hope it would help to alleviate some of my symptoms. I looked at many models in the shops but found they were all made from plastic materials with small filters. From experience, I firmly believe you only get what you pay for. My wife suggested we look at online sites, that was when we discovered AussieAir, I emailed them and was happy with their fast and detailed response. They were dedicated to finding the right product to suit my needs. After purchasing the PureTech A20, my only regret is that we didn't find out about this product sooner.

C.B. Perth

"The PureTech A7 air purifier has helped greatly"

We have two cats and my husband suffers from cat allergies. We wanted an air purifier that was going to give him the best chance of being able to tolerate the cats without suffering itchy eyes and rhinitis. The PureTech A7 air purifier has helped greatly. It's not only improved his cat allergies but our marriage!

Best wishes C.C. Fremantle

"Definitely worth the investment"

Our son sufferers from dust mite allergy and hay fever, and in his final year of school we decided it was time to do something about it. We run the AussieAir purifier in his bedroom continuously and his allergic symptoms and hay fever have improved greatly. Definitely worth the investment.

L.N. Frenchs Forest

"I am glad to know the air purifier, and not my lungs, is removing this"

I purchased an AussieAir air purifier because I leave near the CBD of Sydney and was concerned about the amount of black dust collecting on surfaces in my home, even a day after vacuuming. Since buying the AussieAir Purifier, I have noticed a significant reduction in dust in my home and I am glad to know the air purifier, and not my lungs, is removing this! Thanks AussieAir.

A.R. Sydney

"We no longer have the dreaded musty smell"

The downstairs of our home has always had damp problems after rain and as a result always smelled musty. My wife has a respiratory condition which we noticed worsened during and after wet periods. Our doctor recommended we try using an air purifier so we purchased the PureTech A20 Plus. The difference in her breathing was immediate and her condition is so much better. We now run the AussieAIr purifier 24 hours a day, whatever the weather is doing and we no longer have the dreaded musty smell either.

H.W. Mosman

"My family and I have been breathing clean air ever since"

We recently renovated our home and discovered the new building materials can off-gas chemicals for more than three years. I am very conscious of the pollution problem Sydney has, but I have always thought of my home as a safe place. When I discovered the effects this could have on my health I realized I was putting myself and my family in danger. So I did some research and contacted a few places, but found AussieAir to be the most reputable company specializing exclusively in air purifiers. I purchased an A20 Plus model from them two years ago now and my family and I have been breathing clean air ever since.

A.C. Parramatta

"It runs quietly in the background 24/7"

Working in an office can be crowded and stuffy. After one year with the company, I found myself worrying about going to work. Not because I hated my job but because the office air made me sick. My friend recommended I buy an air purifier but I was worried about getting approval from my boss because they are often noisy. Eventually I found the company AussieAir and after speaking with one of their sales consultants I decided to purchase. It runs quietly in the background 24/7 and one of the best things about this system is that the filters are such low maintenance. Needless to say, I'm completely satisfied with the product and even my boss is impressed by how quiet and effective it is.

K.S. Brisbane

"My apartment now feels and smells like home"

Having come from rural South Australia, I was used to open spaces and clean air. When I moved to Adelaide, I was shocked at the amount of air pollution over the city. I missed being able to breathe fresh air. After months of moaning to friends and family back home, a work colleague mentioned that her friend had recently bought an air purifier. I was doubtful about whether they would work and after visiting a few retailers, I was even more skeptical. After various phone calls and hours on Google, I found AussieAir air purifiers. I spoke to one of their representatives and decided to buy the PureTech A7. My apartment now feels and smells like home.

N.D. Adelaide

"I would highly recommend this product"

I began working for a company that cut timber all day long. The doors weren't sealed and as my allergies are quite bad, I instantly became sick with a nose and chest infection. My manager and I chose the PureTech A20 Plus after doing extensive research on the internet and realizing it was one of the only purifiers suitable for a large office space with such a high dust and allergen load. Since we plugged it in, I have been able to work in a safe environment and feel the difference in my breathing. I would highly recommend this product and am very impressed with its performance!

J.C, East Keilor

"Soon after, my allergies started to settle and I completed my first full day of work without being an allergic basketcase"

I reside and work in an old Victorian terrace house which experiences a lot of rising damp, mold and tree pollen, which trigger my allergies. The problem is worse during the colder months and makes my home almost impossible to live in due to my constant sneezing, runny nose and hay fever. Initially I looked at air purifiers in the retail stores but was not satisfied with the small choice available. The majority of machines seemed to be sold by online distributors but considering the price of a high quality air purifier, I found no real reference that any of them actually worked. One of my concerns was the availability, lifespan and cost of the replacement filters, in addition to its effectiveness and quality. Eventually I had narrowed my choice down to AussieAIr and an imported brand but decided I would rather buy AussieAir, not only because it is locally made, but because the system is built from the highest quality materials compared with the imported mass-produced model. When I received the PureTech A20 I was impressed with the sheer size of the filter drums. Within an hour of having it on the highest setting, the damp odor had gone from my living and work area. Soon after, my allergies started to settle and I completed my first full day of work without being an allergic basketcase, and overall I feel much healthier. Thanks AussieAir I am so pleased with the results!

J.H. Surry Hills